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Welcome To My Site



To all my family and friends,

Welcome to my site.

I am very exited about the my newest travel website and that is my trip to SOUTH AMERICA. This site is now up and running so please CLICK HERE to get there.

Two other trips one to Cuba and my Nepal trek were amazing as well.

My trip to Cuba trip was extrememly fulfilling as I was a part of a group that brought thousands of dollars worth of badly needed clothing and medical supples to the Jewish communuty there.

On the Nepal trip I was faced with one of the greatest challeges in my life, climbing 13,700 feet to the base camp of Annapurna South.

Visting Dubai and Doha were also fascinating experiences. Take a look.

I plan to be putting much more on this site as time goes on.

At this time there is not much on the "Prof. Sorkin" or the "I Love Airplanes" sites, but I will be working on them. If you would like to notified of updates please let me know by clicking on the "Contact Me" link above.